FAQ and Policies


 Preorder Policy: All preorder(s) will be paid in full. We are a small business and are just starting out. Therefor we cannot afford to have people preorder products and abandon it because they changed their mind and leave us with extra inventory that we cannot move. This will help us hold all preorders accountable and make sure that all products are accounted for. Please preorder responsibly. Thank you for understanding. 😊


Preorders:  Yet to be released product that can be ordered in advance. Please be aware that any orders after the Pre-order deadline might not be supplied to the customer on or before the date of release.


Tentative PreordersStatus given to products with limited or uncertain supply. Please note that these orders are not guaranteed and are subject to reduction or cancelation.

 Shipping: We only ship domestic. All international orders will be cancelled. We ship via USPS or UPS depending on whichever is the better price for the region.

                Preorder Shipping: Once the preorder has arrived, we will contact you for the final shipping cost. If buyer fails or refuses to pay for shipping, then the item(s) will be on hold until the buyer pays for the shipping cost.


Return Policy


ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Only exception is if your preorder cannot be fulfilled or production has been cancelled by the manufacturer. Defective items will not be returned or exchanged.  Please contact the respective company for replacement parts.